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Recipe For A Vegan Coleslaw

Coleslaw is a popular side dish, especially in the South. But some people don’t realize that it usually features mayonnaise. That is unhealthy and also against vegan rules for many reasons. Mayonnaise usually is made with eggs and dairy products. There is a vegan mayo spread that is now on the market.

Buy a bottle for use with the vegan coleslaw. It all starts with cabbage heads, which are the main ingredient of vegan coleslaw. That is a healthy vegetable and perfect for making the vegan coleslaw. Be sure to buy ahead of cabbage in advance. That will make the work much easier.

Shred the cabbage before the vegan coleslaw is prepared. A grater can be used to shred the cabbage. Or use a kitchen knife that is sharp enough to do the job. Try to shred the cabbage into thin and long pieces. That is an appetizing way to use the cabbage in the kitchen. Carrots are another nice ingredient to use with vegan coleslaw.

The carrots are colorful and add a great crunch to the dish. Dice the carrots into small pieces or julienne them into strips. The vegan coleslaw will come together nicely when the ingredients are prepared. Some people also like onions, so be sure to dice the onion into small pieces.

Combine the vegetables in a bowl and then add the vegan mayonnaise. Then pour in a small amount of vinegar to give it a kick. Olive oil can also be added to provide a nice consistency. Mix all the ingredients in the bowl until they are combined. It should be thick and aromatic at the same time. The vegan coleslaw is a good side dish. Serve it at as a side with grilled vegan burgers for some nice friends.