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New Recipe For Greek Feta Dip

Feta cheese comes from Greece and represents their culture well. It is healthy and provides much-needed Calcium to the body. The Calcium content will be beneficial for those in the know. Greek feta dip can be made at home for a nice treat too. The kitchen is the perfect place to experiment with the Greek feta dip.

A good recipe calls for 4 ounces of cream cheese and 4 ounces of Greek yogurt. Those will blend together nicely and stir until they are mixed together completely. Then crumble and sprinkle 8 ounces of Greek feta cheese on top. The Greek cheese is traditionally made from goat milk, but modern variants can also utilize cow’s milk.

The recipe can be customized to suit the tastes of many people. Squeeze some fresh lemon juice on top of the mixture. Combine so that the crumbled Feta cheese is mixed thoroughly into it as well. Then dice cucumber pieces and dump that into the mixture.

That will resemble Tzatziki sauce, which is a popular treat in Greece. Dill is a great herb to add to the Greek Feta dip. That herb blends nicely with the cheese and gives the taste a nice kick. Let the mixture chill in the refrigerator for a while as well. That will combine the ingredients and help them blend together.

When serving the dip, sprinkle some oregano and basil on top. Then drizzle olive oil on top for a nice look to it. Add a little more squeezed lemon juice to taste. Use pita chips to dip into the mixture. Or dollop the mix into a fresh pita roll. That will be fun and can teach the family about Greek cuisine. Then the mixture will also be a healthy treat for them too.