Healthy Eating

Making A Simple Salad

A salad is a nice dish and can be served alongside the main course. The salad typically features some mixed leafy greens with a dressing. Choose iceberg lettuce or leafy greens such as spinach. Then mix in some other flavorful ingredients for a nice finish. Plan out the salad and it can even be a vegetarian dinner option.

Some people like cheese on top, which can be parmesan or even Greek feta. The end result will be a colorful salad that people want to try. Come to understand why many people enjoy the salad in time. See what pro chefs do to make a salad that everyone will enjoy.

The first option will be selecting the greens. Peel iceberg lettuce or trim some spinach leaves down to size. Then add them to a bowl for some further preparation steps. Consider adding bean sprouts or Radishes for a nice addition. Croutons are very popular with the dish these days. That provides a crunch and can make the salad more filling in time.

The salad dressing is always very popular with people as well. The dressing can be an Italian herb mix, which has olive oil and vinegar in it. Or it can be a ranch, which is often added to a Caesar salad. Add some fruits and nuts to the mix by combining them in a bowl. Making a simple salad can be fun because it allows people to customize the dish.

Find many of these ingredients at a local store. Stores have plenty of salad kits now in stock. Learn a little about how to make the salad from local chefs. The fruits and nuts can be found on store shelves. Buy the items and keep them stocked in the fridge. Try out new salad options and impress friends with the taste.