7 Hoodies And Sweatshirt Options To Keep Your Warm And Trendy

Hoodies and sweatshirts don’t have to be plain and boring. Here are some stylish options from Outdoor Voices.

1. Pickup Hoodie

Sometimes, all you want to do is wear an oversized hoodie and just chill. Well, you can certainly chill in style with the Pickup Hoodie. And because it’s made with plush Soft Cotton Terry, this hoodie will keep you warm and cozy all day long.

2. All Day Hoodie

True to its name, this is one hoodie that you can wear the whole day. It’s made with the patented CloudKnit fabric that is very soft and light. It has a slim fit so it’s perfect if wearing oversized hoodies is not your style.

3. MegaFleece Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is designed to keep you warm when the temperature drops. It is made with the MegaFleece fabric that has a natural thermoregulating feature. It warms better than regular sweatshirts.

4. Nimbus Cropped Hoodie

Wearing a hoodie became synonymous with being sloppy. This hoodie will change that. This is probably the most stylish hoodie that you can get. It’s very comfy too thanks to its fleece lining. It’s also available in a variety of colors.

5. Endorphins Make You Happy Sweatshirt

If you’re going to wear a statement sweatshirt, then let your message be a positive one. Everyone who will see this sweatshirt will definitely feel your good vibe. This is sweater will make you feel warm, inside and out, even during cold winter days.

6. Pickup 1/4 Zip Sweatshirt

The ¼ zip offers a more stylish look to an otherwise plain oversized sweater. Made with plush Soft Cotto Terry for maximum comfort, this sweatshirt is best paired with its matching jogging pants.

7. Nimbus 1/4 Zip Sweatshirt

Yet another stylish sweater that will make you look good while trying to keep warm. Its oversized fit makes layering easy.