6 Products To Make Sure Picky Eaters Remain Healthy

Children who are picky eaters can be a problem. There’s a problem that they’re not getting the nutrients they need to grow properly. These 6 products can help picky eaters get the vitamins and minerals they need.

1. Essential For Kids 4+

Picky eaters are in danger of not getting the nutrients they need from food. To fill the gap, better to give them a food supplement that is appropriate for them. This multi-nutrient formula is in a sugar-free gummy form so it’s perfect for kids.

2. Essential For Teens (Hers)

The teenage years are crucial. If you believe your teenage girl is not getting all of the nutrients she needs, then you need to give her a multivitamin formula. This minty food supplement even contains Omega-3 DHA that is essential for brain health.

3. Essential For Teens (His)

Teenage boys can be quite active. So they need essential vitamins and minerals to keep them strong and healthy. They will surely love the minty flavor of this multivitamin formula that is made special for them. It comes in a delayed-release capsule to make sure that no nutrient is wasted.

4. The Multi-Generation Bundle

If you’re planning to get a food supplement for your child, then why not get one for yourself too? If you get Ritual’s Multi-Generation Bundle, you’re going to get two bottles of supplements, one for you and one for your child. It’s the best way to ensure that your whole family is healthy.

5. The Home Made Bundle

You can also order a customized bundle for you and your child. You just need to let Ritual know your diet, lifestyle, genetic information and they’ll create a tailor-made vitamin supplement for you. With this bundle, you can be sure to get the nutrients you need.

6. Gift Cards

If you want to give the gift of good health, then picking a Ritual gift card is a good choice.