8 Products That Will Redefine The Way You Relax At Home

Whoever invented the bean bag is a genius. But did you know that the bean bag has been upgraded? We now have the Moon Pod, which is much more comfortable and relaxing.

1.Moon Pod

The Moon Pos is not your ordinary bean bag. It may be more expensive than your regular bean bag but it’s definitely worth it. Once you plump yourself down into one of these, you’ll immediately feel the difference.

2.Super Moon Pod

The Super Moon Pod is just as comfortable as the original Moon Pod. But it’s bigger so it’s perfect for couples. It’s perfect for your living room or bedroom. It may even replace your sofa.


The makers of Moon Pod are also offering accessories to enhance your experience. And the Crescent is the first add-on that they have developed. This is a backrest designed to elevate your relaxation when you’re on the Moon Pod.

4.Lunar Lift

Sometimes, you just want to raise your feet up. The Lunar Lift allows you to align your feet with your heart to have a more relaxing experience. It can also improve blood circulation and reduce swelling and pressure from your lower body.

5.Moon Pod Outdoor Cover

If you’re planning to take your Moon Pod outdoors, then you should get this outdoor cover. If you have this cover, then you can take your Moon Pod to the beach or pool. It is water-resistant and easy to clean.

6.Moon Pod Outer Sleeve

You can also order an extra outer sleeve for your Moon Pod to keep it protected. It’s good to have extra sleeves in case the original gets dirty or becomes too work out to be used.

7.Crescent Sleeve

This is a sleeve for your Crescent to keep it protected from sweat and dirt.

8.Moon Pod Gift Card

You can give the gift of comfort and relaxation with a Moon Pod gift card.