2 Home Studio Exercise Machines To Keep You Fit

Do you want to have your own home studio or gym to keep you fit without going out? Then check out these products from MYXFitness.

1.Max LI

Max II is not just an exercise bike. It’s actually a complete body and mind fitness system. But yes, the bike is the centerpiece of the system. This is not your ordinary home exercise bike. It’s a professional-quality bike, it’s similar to the ones used in elite gyms and cycling studios. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a home bike with the same durability and quality. It is completely rust-proof. Indeed, this bike is designed to last for a long time. This could be the last exercise machine that you’ll buy.

You probably think that because this is a professional-level bike that you need to spend a small fortune on it. The truth is, this bike comes with a very reasonable price tag. But as mentioned earlier, the bike is just a part of a complete fitness system. After all, to have the body of your dreams, you need more than just cardio. The bike comes with a touch screen tablet that provides you access to thousands of workouts and dozens of professional fitness trainers. New workouts are actually added every week. It also comes with a heart rate monitor. Also included is an advanced sensor that can monitor speed, cadence, and distance so you can easily track your progress. On top of all of these features is the fact that this bike has a very small form factor. So it’s perfect even if you only have a small space at home.

2.Myx LI Plus

If you really want to have a complete workout with all the necessary equipment, then you need to get the MYX II Plus. Apart from the professional quality bike, it also comes with all that you’ll need to have a full-body workout. This set will turn that small space in your home into a real home gym.

The package includes:

* 6 pieces of weights
* exercise mat
* stabilizing mat
* foam roller
* resistance band

It’s easy to spend thousands of dollars if you’ll buy all of this equipment separately. So this package really provides good value for money.

The MYX II is best paired with an MYX membership. For less than 30 USD per month, you get access to the widest collection of workouts on and off the bike. It is generally cheaper than a gym membership and it provides more value.