Healthy Eating

Cabbage Dumplings

The Low carb diet has always been appealing to some people. That is a great way to lose weight fast, while still enjoying great-tasting foods as well. The cabbage dumplings will be a popular item to make at home. It is relatively easy to make and can teach people about healthy cooking. The cabbage dumplings start by selecting a nice head of cabbage.

Go to an organic food store to find fresh cabbage heads for sale. The nice, big leaves will be a good fit for anyone who wants to make cabbage dumplings. Be sure to wash the head of cabbage and then peel the leaves for cooking.

Steep the cabbage leaves in a pot of boiling water. Let them simmer for a while until they are soft. The soft leaves can then be removed and drained before the next step starts. Be sure to let the wet leaves cool a little bit before handling them. Other ingredients can be ground pork that is browned in a pan.

Then dice and mince some garlic cloves or onion that is around the house. Add some spices like pepper and cumin to provide a little flavor to it. The cabbage dumplings are well made when all the ingredients are included. Mince some carrots or potatoes to mix with the pork meat too.

Combine the pork meat and spices in a bowl. Add the diced vegetables if that is a suitable ingredient. Then spoon the mixture into a cabbage leaflet. Then fold up the cabbage leaves and place them on a pan. The cabbage dumplings will come together nicely in the kitchen. Make a dozen or so to feed a small group. Then braise the rolled cabbage dumplings with olive oil. Bake in the oven until they are browned too.