7 Everday Essentials For Stylish City Dwellers

Are you looking for the perfect HOKA sneakers for your daily run? Do you need a new go-to bag? Check out these everyday essentials.

1. Women's HOKA x OV Clifton

HOKA is known for creating running shoes that can enhance performance. The collaboration with Outdoor Voices gives it a stylish edge. The colors are unique. You can’t get them anywhere else. This is perfect for those who think most running shoes are too “sporty” looking.

2. Men's HOKA x OV Clifton

Don’t worry guys. The HOKA x OV collaboration sneakers also come in a men’s version. Men will surely love the subdued colors of this shoe. It’s very easy to pair with other articles of clothing. You’ll also love that soft cushioning that HOKA is known for.

3. OV Signature Tote

This tote bag can take on different roles. It can serve as a grocery bag so you can avoid asking for plastic bags. It can be your go-to bag to carry your everyday essentials. You can also use it to carry stuff when you’re going to the beach.

4. Doing Things Hat

The styling and the message on this hat will tell people that you’re an active individual. It’s perfect for everyday use and not only when you’re working out. It’s made from a breathable material that will keep you cool and dry.

5. OV Beanie

When the temperature drops, you need to be covered from toe to head. This snug beanie is perfect if you want to keep your head and your ears warm. It’s made with merino wool and recycled polyester that’s why it’s super comfy

6. OV Adjustable Face Mask, 5-Pack

Since we’re still facing the pandemic, it’s a good idea to stack up on face masks. This one has double layers and is made with a soft material.

7. Doing Things Ankle Socks

Super comfortable socks with just the right level of thickness.