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Mental Health: Tips To Stay Lucid For Life

The well-being of an individual is manifested through the balance between physical and MENTAL HEALTH. A healthy lifestyle is based on a healthy, positive, and productive mind for the well-being of the individual and those around him. If we want to stay lucid, smart, and in a good mood throughout our lives, we must follow healthy habits. Here are the best tips to maintain optimal MENTAL HEALTH.

-HEALTHY EATING: foods such as proteins, fruits, dairy products, vegetables, and cereals strengthen our cognitive capacity. This facilitates learning and concentration in children and adolescents of school age.

-PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: exercising for at least three hours a week keeps you in a good mood. Regular physical activity prevents mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. In addition, training creates new neural connections that later manifest themselves in good decisions and success in any endeavor.

-SLEEP WELL: sleeping between 7 and 8 hours a night provides the brain with the rest it needs. If an individual sleeps deeply he will be well-rested. Therefore his work and intellectual performance will be more effective. He/she will also be less prone to traffic accidents.

-READ: reading keeps neurons agile throughout life, in addition to increasing long-term memory. Try to read magazines, newspapers, books, websites, everything is valid to feed such a healthy habit.

-DEVELOP CREATIVE ACTIVITY: encourage yourself to do activities that are based on creativity such as writing poems, painting a picture, dancing, etc. Your brain creates new neural connections by doing new and surprising activities.

-SPIRITUALITY: it is convenient that you have a spiritual reference to support your MENTAL HEALTH. It is not necessary that you follow a particular religion, but that you have a spiritual inspiration to guide you.


You can build optimal MENTAL HEALTH through healthy habits. The benefits last a lifetime.